Vehicle Fleet
and Security Management

Navloc Tracking Solutions has designed its VFSM program to help you reduce insurance costs whilst providing necessary security and managemnet of your fleet.


There are several benefits to having a stronf M2M VFSM tool some of which are:


  • Real time and off site Job Management.
  • Track you fleet with precise and real time accuracy.
  • Track your jobs and delivery stops throughout the day.
  • Minimize your fuel usage.
  • With GTS you can monitor the stop times and get an accurate reading on idol times to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Utilize your fleet, if jobs get done early to maximise output.
  • Receive data logs of individual vehicle at the end of the day, month even after years you can go to the data base and retract the vehicles past information.
  • Assign for virtually any option you might choose.
  • Improve productivity by easily tracking each driver’s day quota.
  • Remote updating and troubleshooting upon on any problem with GPS unit minimise service cost and lost time.


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