Real Time Vehicle Tracking


We have been in development with other fleet companies in the past, generating an ideal overview of what a user friendly mapping platform should look like.

Through this experience, we have come out with our new version of a live tracking platform. Mapping systems are fully customizable, from vehicle number assigning to fleet division segregation on site. By accessing our mapping and software platform you can assign workloads, reroute any changes and get a live view of any stopping and mismanagement of your assets. If there is a panic switch triggered automatically the specified unit on the map will star to flash and send out sms messages to alert of any issues that might be occurring in real time.



Some of the benefits of RTVT are:

  • Detailed road map of all continent
  • Track previous and current shipping routes and vehicle status
  • Observe in 2D or 3D view
  • Bird’s eye view Aerial view
  • Precise road updates, upon final road construction, we modernize your map to promote faster routes to desired destination
  • Speed and drive behaviour ( minimize wear and tear to your fleet Weather updates anywhere, ground and air temperature
  • Well detailed live vehicle description and heading
  • Geo fencing and route customizing
  • Managerial options anywhere internet connection is permitted
  • Reporting intervals as current as every 5 sec to over a hour depending of customers desires.

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